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Christina vs Adam levine- The Feud!

We love a juicy feud, and this one does not disappoint! Usually the judges on these realtiy type shows have little snarky fights here and there, but they are so fake and staged it makes the viewer sick just watching it unfold. But the tension and drama between Christina Aguilera and Adam Levin, both judges and mentors on 'the voice', is very real and very exciting to watch! The tension has been there from the start, and it looks like it will soon be coming to a head. Aguilera is noteably the more outspoken judge, giving real opinions and real feedback, which we love because usually the judges just smile and say pretty things as to avoid drama. This is the viewpoint of Levine most of the time, the nice guy who has something nice to say to everyone, except when it comes to Aguilera! This kind of seems like a Paula Abdul vs Simon Cowell type situation, but real instead of set up. And who is stick in the middle? Not Randy Jackson, but instead it's Cee Lo Green, the third judge and mentor on The Voice. All this mess is no doubt uncomfortable for him, and he says he wants it to be settled and end, because let's face it, if these two can't get along and don't re-sign on the show the whole dynamic changes and the success of the show could go downhill really really fast. So come on you two, make up and be adults, do it for Cee Lo!

More Bad Behavior from Xtina

christina aguilera mug shotLooks like she's going back to her dirty ways! Christina Aguilera's life has been a mess lately, all starting with her flub of the words of the nation anthem during the superbowl. Aguilera seems to be in a downward spiral, and may have hit rock bottom early Tuesday morning when she was arrested alongside her new boyfriend for intoxication. Her boyfriend was pulled over and arrested under a DUI charge, and Aguilera went with him as she was too intoxicated to care for herself. Allegedly no charges will be filed, and although she has a mug shot it will not be released. She has a small child at home, let's hope she cleans up her act before it's too late.

Christina Aguilera Nude Photos Leaked!

christina aguilera nude photosChristina Aguilera is fuming after a handful of racy photos hit the web and went viral. The photos were taken in private and were sent from Christina to her stylist, but have now leaked onto the web and are available for the whole world to see. The photos were reportedly taken a while back, since she looks quite thin in the pics and her current figure is much curvier. Xtina's rep released this comment: "The photos of Christina Aguilera being leaked to the press were illegally obtained by a hacker who tapped into Christina's personal stylist's account. The photos were taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera's home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist." Looks like Xtina is just the next name on a long list of celebs to have their naked bodies plastered all over the internet. Oops!

Christina Aguilera- Open to Anything?

This story just keeps getting juicier! It is rumored that the marriage between Christina Aguilera and her fugly husband Jordan Bratman was an 'open' one, or at least in her eyes since females are coming out of the dark saying that they were approached by Christina's people for hot and steamy hook ups. Apparantly Aguilera's husband wasn't a part of these gal on gal hook ups, which is maybe why their marriage ended? Whatever the case, hopefully some sex tapes or nude photos also surface because we know deep down Aguilera is a dirty girl!

Christina Aguilera Naked and Pregnant!

christina aguilera pregnant nude                              

Okay, this is one for all the peeps out there that have preggo lady fetishes! When Christina Aguilera was pregnant with her son Max (born 2008) she bared it all for the cameras in an issue of Marie Claire. Aguilera is always hot, but somehow she got even hotter when she was pregnant! It doesn't look like she gained a single pound other than the weight the baby was, she looks super smokin hot. There have been many celebrities that have posed nude while pregnant, and Christina Aguilera is definitely giving them all a run for their money.

Christina Aguilera Loves to go Nude!

christina aguilera nude rolling stones

Christina Aguilera has had her share of sexy magazine covers, and the ones where she poses nude are the best! Christina stripped down for her rolling stones cover where she is seen laying on a red blanket with a guitar draped across her completely naked body! She also posed naked for GQ's cover, where she can be seen wearing knee high leather boots and covering big fake tits with only her arm. Christina Aguilera is one hot momma and we hope she never stops stripping for the cameras!

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